Analytics Mentorship Program (AMP) is designed to mentor and support your data science and analytics journey. In the age of information and big data, influx of information, opinions, articles and blogs can some time help, but quite often puzzle or confuse you. We believe Data Science & Insights is multi-disciplinary field and require adequate knowledge and skills to deliver value in for the business decision making. Applications of Data Science & Insights demand you to know – business domain: Problem Definition, statistics & analytics techniques: Mapping to Right Analytics techniques, data & technology: Solving the analytical problems, and effective communications & leadership: deploy or get it deployed for decision making.

Analytics Mentorship Program (AMP) will support in building Data Science & Insights experience and provide guidance using SAPI Framework.

SAPI Framework:-


Analytics Mentor will share recommendations and suggestions considering your specific business problem and context. They will help you understand the different dimensions linked to your business problem.


The mentors have at least 5 years of experience in delivering analytics solutions across clients, business problems and industries. They will have communications and discussions with you to understand the details for identifying business problem and converting into an analytics problem before sharing the recommendations or suggestions. And most important, mentors will help you become aware of key assumptions and biases involved in the recommendations. We provide you accurate recommendations which you can trust upon.


In our aim to guide you in implementing analytical ideas for solving business problems, the mentors may request you to share informations on the process, constraints and systems relevant to you. This will help in ensuring you are being guided in getting detailed steps involved in implementing and deploying analytics.

In Time:

The aim is to deliver specific, accurate and practical recommendations in short time possible to help you achieve your objective- delivering client solutions or implementing analytics for your learning.

Mode of Support:

Online Messaging:

You will submit your questions or requirements online on our website. You will require providing context, solutions you have tried, and specific problems in clear English to reduce response time.

Online Interactions:

Post your submission of questions, the mentor will contact you to set up mutually convenient time. The call and interaction will be set up over Skype or any other online channel.


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