Data Science Trainings:Overview

    Data Science becoming integral part of the decision making.

    If you swayed by numbers and curious to apply your numerical capabilities for business problems, Data Analytics & Insights can help in starting your great career. Structured & in-depth trainings guide you to learn about business problems being solved using Data Science & Insights. You will be exposed to real life practical challenges by creating & solving scenarios for building your analytics experience.More Details..

    How transparency, technology and regulation driving Data Science Deployment?

    DnI Training programs are designed to help your learning about different applications of Data Science & Insights across business problems, changing functional area or Industry vertical, learning additional Statistical & its applications. The trainings are designed to build your experience in a relevant business vertical,functional area and Tools & Techniques.More Details..

    Understanding Data Science a key to not make obvious mistakes and leverage for better decisions.

    DnI Institute has designed programs for you to know Data Science & Insights beyond buzz in conferences and analytics blogs. You will be introduced to Analytics maturity model, Customer Life Cycle & Analytics, frameworks for identifying analytics opportunities at your client, and Analytics Case Studies and trends.More Details..

    Data Science for All: Why all should learn Data Science for understanding and asking right questions.

    DnI Institute partners with you to build data science & insights experience of your employees by conducting focused workshops, creating a custom (based on available data or for a specific business problem) trainings and designing & delivering analytics induction programs.
    More Details..