Healthcare & Data Science:Overview

In Health& Life Sciences industry, Government Regulation, Customer Expectations and Technology are the drivers for changes. Key priorities for healthcare institutes.

  • Providing quality healthcare at an affordable pricing.
  • Shifting from healthcare treatment to preventive healthcare.
  • Leveraging Big Data and Digital Technologies for innovation and operational excellence.

DnI Consulting works with healthcare organizations in leveraging their internal data assets and external data source for improving customer satisfaction and operational efficient.

Data Science and insights offering for Healthcare:-
R&D Analytics Patient Or Subscriber Analytics Customer & Marketing Analytics Claim & Fraud Analytics Operations Analytics
Clinical Analytics Patient Segmentation Life Style Segmentation Claim Modeling Hospital Capacity Planning and Analytics
Drug Discovery & Analytics Subscriber Cross/Upsell Modeling & Analytics Marketing Mix Modeling and Optimization Claim Volume Forecasting Predictive Patient Hospitalization Period
Healthcare Product and Pricing Campaign Analytics Fraud Model and Analytics – Member Level Forecasting Medicine Demand and Medical Inventory Planning
Population Health Management & Analytics Health Plans Development and Promotion Analytics Fraud Model and Analytics – Insurance Provider Level Hospital Waste Management
Sales Force Management Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
Examples of Data Science & Insights deployment:-
Analytics Category Scenario of Analytics Application
R&D Analytics Providing relevant information to clinician can help using predictive modeling in improving efficacy.
Patient Or Subscriber Analytics Healthcare Plan subscribers can be segmented to understand health risk of different segments. Depending on severity health risk and segment profile different action strategy can be built.
Customer & Marketing Analytics Acquiring new customers for health insurance plans is one of the key challenges. Health Insurance providers run various campaigns across marketing channels to acquire new customers. Understanding performance of their marketing spend or investment across media channels could help them to optimize their spend and improve marketing return on investment (MROI).
Claim & Fraud Analytics In US, patient can claim for health expense reimbursement under Medicare and Medicaid systems. Similarly, patients who have healthcare insurance can get reimbursement of certain medical expenses. Predictive Modeling is used to identify the fraudulent claims before a cheque is issued to the patient or subscriber.
Operations Analytics Hospital Bed Capacity is fixed at a time. Hospital or health center management would want to optimize the available capacity and reduce wait time for critical patients. Data Science & Insights can be leverage to estimate stay time of patients to find the available capacity at different days in future.
Point of Views:-