Predictive Modeling & Optimization:Overview

Predictive Modeling & Optimization

DnI Consulting involved in solving real life problem using Predictive Modeling & Optimization across functional areas and industry verticals.

We have built frameworks, accelerators and processes for delivering accurate and actionable outputs quickly.

Predictive Modeling Framework:-
Predictive Models in Actions:-
Customer & Marketing Risk Operations
Banking and Financial Services. Identifying credit card customers who are more likely to take up Personal Loan (Cross Sell Model). Developing a behavior scorecard for Credit Card portfolio to estimate level of risk (Behavior Scorecard).
Insurance Building segmentation using Decision Tree to identify factors linked to fraudulent claims (Claim Fraud Model)
Retail and CPG For US luxury retailers identifying combinations of items bought together and promoting the associations using Direct Marketing Campaign (Market Basket Analysis).
Healthcare Developing Predictive Model to estimate number of days a patient is likely to stay in the healthcare center.
Telecom Building Predictive Model to identify pre-paid and post-paid subscribers who are more likely to churn (Attrition or Churn Model).
Bolt and Nuts of Predictive Models:-

Appreciation of business context, priorities and plan helps us to deliver Predictive Model which can be deployed for adding business value.


Understanding the client data is keys to develop and deploy Predictive Model Accurately. We at DnI Consulting developed structured approaches understand the data quickly and transform for predictive model


Predictive Model Frameworks are encapsulation of decades of predictive modeling experience.


Expertise of Statistics and Machine Learning techniques for selecting right techniques and applying it correctly.

Tools & Technology:

Leverage any of analytics tools to develop predictive models and work with business & technology teams to integrate Predictive Models in decision making.