Reporting & Visualization:Overview



Common challenges:

  • Too many reports
  • Reports being developed and not scrapped /decommissioned
  • Reports KPIs are no longer relevant to today’s context
  • Reports provide information in broken parts
  • Nobody explains the story
  • Provide me information which I need & can understand
  • Mini version of the datamarts
  • Wastage business manager’s time and effort to get time information relevant
  • I get over 100 pages deck, not sure what is relevant to mes
DnI Consulting Offerings:-
Report Delivery & Insights Reports & Visualization Development Report Rationalization
  • Generate Management Reports on-time and accurately
  • Automate the reports to reduce turnaround time and also improve efficiency
  • Provide summary of key insights from the standard reports produced
  • Understand reporting and visualization requirements.
  • Developing reports using relevant reporting tools.
  • Defining storytelling approach for visualization.
  • Leverage visualization tools such as Tableau, TIBCO Spotfile andSAS Visual Studio for developing visualization.
  • Documenting existing reports.
  • Discussions and interviews for understanding business manager requirements.
  • Mapping report requirements and availability to the business priorities.
  • Rationalization the reporting requirements.
Approach Scope, transition and delivery plan discussion and agreement Take transition of the existing reports from the client team(s) or report development team(s) Parallel report development and validation Delivery of reports without business risk and quality concerns. Scope out the reporting or visualization requirements Development of the reports and visualization Validation Review with client team(s) Delivery of the reports or visualization Transition of the BAU reports to the report delivery team. Creating Report Inventory Mapping KPIs to business strategies Business Manager interviews and discussions Streamline Reporting Needs Finalization the reporting needs and providing inputs to the report & visualization development team.
  • Domain and technical team members for reducing transition and delivery risk.
  • Cost benefit
  • Efficiency gain due to automation
  • Expertise across reporting tools
Improve efficiency Report Development Improve the visualization and adoption of the reports Provide Insights from the reports being developed.
  • Significant cost save due to reduction of duplicate and redundant reports
  • Visualization and insights for increasing report adoption

Case Studies