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Andreas Karras was born and raised in Greece, later moving to the United States for his MBA studies. He then worked for several years at two prominent American foundations that promote the welfare of youth and future generations.

Mr. Karras currently works as an independent consultant, where he advises companies and individuals on business and philanthropic strategies in diverse industries. 

Professional Experience

Director of Investments | W.K. Kellog Foundation

  • Overseeing the foundation's investment processes
  • Funds management: Identifying, assessing, analyzing and tracking of investments
  • Advising the Board of Trustees on potential investments
  • Executing business initiatives

Senior Advisor, Program Manager | The Rockefeller Foundation

  • Senior advisor to the foundation's innovation division, specializing in Innovative Finance and Impact Investment Management (IIM)
  • Philanthropic program development
  • Implementing technologies in developing communities
  • Business engagement and networking

Team Leader | Epsilon Net

  • Chairman of Epsilon Net Workers' Union
  • Led a team of IT analysts


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Baruch College -  CUNY,  New York
  • BA in Economics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Athens