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Consultancy Services

With his experience and proactive approach, Mr. Andreas Karras can assist business leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations in aligning strategies and goals for their business operations. 

He provides consulting services to senior management and executives in diverse industries, focusing on the development and improvement of the organization's strategy, structure and operations.

Fields of Expertise

Philanthropic Programs Development: 

Over the years, Mr. Karras has led and advised on world-wide philanthropic programs in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whether it is defining a major fashion company's CSR strategy or establishing a socially accountable sporting goods factory in India, Mr. Karras has extensive experience. 

Andreas Karras advises organizations and individuals on how to operate Philanthropic programs, including the provision of useful information, networking, fundraising and ongoing support for the project.

Private Equity: 

Mr. Karras has been involved with investment funds in the field of technology and education, focusing on venture capital investments in start-up companies that contribute to the promotion of the well-being of humanity all around the world.

The prime expertise of Andreas Karras Consultancy is investment that involves innovation and cutting-edge technologies in nontraditional places.